Local Trainer and Mom Turns Fitness Struggle into Success

MRI Fitness Mena Spodobalski

A busy mother of two boys, personal trainer and owner of MRI Fitness Mena Spodobalski shares the story behind her inspiration to create Reno’s “neighborhood gym.”

Tell us about your fitness journey.

After having two kids, weight loss was tough, and I had a mini breakdown over losing the weight. Then I picked myself up, started eating clean and exercising and lost 30 pounds. It was an amazing feeling.

What did you do after losing the weight?

Getting fit felt so great I started teaching kickboxing to a small group. Then I started working as a group instructor at Golds Gym and later became a certified trainer. I was hooked to fitness and helping others reach their own fitness goals.

After purchasing MRI in September, what was your goal?

I’ve been doing this for eight years now and I wanted to build a family-friendly neighborhood gym. Whether you’re an athlete, couch potato, a fitness buff or want team training, I wanted to offer something for everyone with a positive and motivating atmosphere.

For details on MRI Fitness visit MRIFitness.com.

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