Om…Local Yoga Instructor Shares The Benefits of Yoga

Take a moment to find the peace and strength within your mind and body with a yoga practice.

Practiced by individuals of all levels, yoga has the ability to transform the way the mind thinks and the body moves. As one begins living a life of wellness, yoga can be incorporated on several levels.

“The term yoga means union; the union of mind, body, and inner spirit.”

As we incorporate the practice we become more in tune with our emotional and physical well being as we are in the moment.

Besides the physical benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility, yoga can also reduce stress, improve concentration, aid in mental clarity, help prevent illness and keep the systems in the body in order. Furthermore, yoga can increase energy, steady emotions, and transform the way one moves, breathes, and thus interacts with others. As Kim Orenstein, owner of Yoga Loka in Reno explains, “Yoga is a methodology for developing a deeper experience of yourself and the world.”

There are several practices of yoga, from traditional Hatha to Ashtanga to Bikram. It is worth exploring to find one that suits you.  Before you begin, or as you move forward with your practice, take a moment to release any expectations or judgment of your practice (and others) and enjoy the limitless benefits that you will encounter.

Katina Silver

Katina has used yoga as a tool to benefit her mind, in finding peace, and her body in improving flexibility, strength, and steadiness with her physical life. Incorporating yoga on a regular basis has helped her achieve harmony within her life. You can experience a class with Katina at Yoga Loka (Reno), IMX Pilates (Sparks), or at Fitness Connection (Reno, Sparks).